Club House Notes: 12/16 Black Women Making Millions Online During The Pandemic
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Club House Notes: 12/16 Black Women Making Millions Online During The Pandemic

Black Women Making Millions Online During Pandemic



Chelsea - Shopify dropshipper who started with no prior experience and made 20k in first month, 40k in second month and overall 1 million + in total. Instagram account lost at 50k and Youtube deleted by disgruntled previous employee so had to rebuild both during the pandemic. Has also pivoted to webinars, sharing her story more and building a mastermind with a small group of like minded female bosses

Darbi @dominatewithdarbi- Finance major who helps entrepreneurs secure business credit, funding and contracts. Also, first black women owned fintech company. Was able to pivot during the pandemic by being innovative and being the first to do things. Focused on making ebooks, building a team for fast growth and not being available for everything to focus on what’s important.

Dinasty @coachedbydinasty - Started online business journey with a hair business in college. Made 100k in 6 months. Has transitioned into a coach to show other business how to be successful as well. Has pivoted during the pandemic to teach clients how to shift to digital/online. Also big focus on evergreen webinars and email funnels to get new clients on automation.

Cherene @reenirene - Mentor to first time homebuyers, primarily women. During the pandemic had to cancel in-person events and workshops while being pregnant and a full-time mom of a toddler. Was able to pivot by moving to a digital/online business model through virtual workshops, digital products and coaching.


Eno @misspragmatic - Canadian immigrant who turned her accounting career into a business analyst/advisor to tech companies. Earned 100k in 6 months and quit job during the pandemic. Was able to get started/pivot by packaging knowledge as courses, ebooks and coaching. Evergreen webinars, daily zooms with potential clients and hiring a team has been helpful.

Personal Credit vs Business Credit

  • Personal is based on social security number
    • Business is based on EIN
    • Don’t keep switching business phone number and address. Need to be able to build business credit with this
    • To build business credit a goal of 12 - 16 lines of credit is ideal
    • Get a FREE business credit analysis with Darbi @dominatewithdarbi

    Things You Can Automate in your Business

  • Evergreen webinars
    • Customer/client follow-ups
    • Systems
    • Email marketing
    • Ads
    • Retargeting ads
    • Welcome sequence

    Building Your Team

  • Building a team is an expense, but the ultimate investment with a return
    • Doing things alone as a solopreneur cost you time and possibly mistakes…. and mistakes are costly
    • Recommend having Legal on your team (try Legal Zoom or private business owner)
    • Recommend having an accountant on your team (try 1-800-accountants or private accounting firm)

    How Not to Get Scammed

  • Do your due diligence by fully researching
      • Watch and pay attention to detail
      • Get reference/success stories and reach out to them
  • Have a detailed contract in black and white, not verbal
    • When all else fails, do a chargeback with your bank when it’s a legitimate scam

    Random Gems

  • It’s better to learn/make any mistakes when you start vs when your business is big. It costs a lot less!
    • Make any business investments like coaching, supplies, etc NOW! You can write it off on your taxes.
    • You don’t have to reinvent yourself. Use the skillset you already have to build your business and be profitable
    • Wake up with the mindset that you’re going to kill it everyday
    • Remember, everything can be figured out
    • Find a mentor and invest in yourself and business. It’ll be faster than trying to figure it out alone
    • Be intentional about who you follow on Clubhouse if you want the right and most beneficial information
    • Use search keywords in Clubhouse to connect with important people within your industry
    • Let your family and friends doubt you. They’ll be amazed and asking how you did it later.